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John Theodore


"Chasing the Wind"

About John Theodore

Where words fail, music speaks.

Hans Christian Andersen
I would feel weird if I wrote the "About" section in the third person...so I won't. I'm a composer, a songwriter, and a member of The Kepler Mission (pretty cool band...you should check us out when you're done here).
If you need music for your project...whether it's a short film, commercial, or video on Youtube, I'm here to help. So scroll down, take a listen, and let me know how I can help make your project speak without words (or with words if you want).

July 2nd

Come hang out at the Rockwood Music Hall
with me and Colleen Ruddy, playing songs from my album Chasing the Wind

Hey...that's me!

In the mood to rock? Check out my band!
The Kepler Mission

Getting technical.

I can assure you...I think I know what I'm doing.
(I do.)


Pretty sure this is the reason you're here. So click away and listen!
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Short Film
Listen and Watch!
Short Film
"The Has-Been"
Listen and Watch!
Deceit Trailer
Full Short Available Soon
Listen and Watch!
Spec Commercial
for Under Armour
Listen and Watch!
Spec Commercial #2
for Under Armour Shoes
John Theodore
Chasing the Wind
Woodruff Hall
So It Begins...
(The Great Outdoors)
Shades of
The Kepler Mission
EP: 2010
The Kepler Mission
Three Years Promo
The Kepler Mission
3 Years Single


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